Integrated Benefits Institute

IBI Labs

The Case for Change: What is the problem?

- America and its current health, wellbeing and productivity systems faces massive challenges (e.g.; conditions, economics, access, policy and outcomes) and is on a collision course with multiple economic and demographic trends that will ultimately produce dire consequences for our nation.

- Evidence and outcomes have confirmed that a strategy of continuing along a pathway of the status quo in both the corporate (private) and the community (public) sectors is not a desirable nor sustainable option.

- The realities of the current economic and social burdens as they relate to health risks, conditions and results are negatively impacting our ability as a nation to compete in a continually expanding global marketplace which has increased demands for an urgent shift in the way in which we understand, appreciate and approach health.

Assessing the Opportunity: Why IBI should act?

- The IBI Mission and its unique position within the overall health, wellbeing and productivity industry categories sets the stage for the organization to commit to, invest in, inspire and direct an integrated, innovation and collaborative business model that produces positive and sustainable returns for individuals, businesses and communities alike.

- A successfully designed and implemented integrated business model can be built upon well-established, recognized and accepted guiding principles that focus on key drivers of change including collaboration, innovation, demonstration and replication and driven by an organization that is fundamentally committed to the concept of shared-value.

- By becoming the courageous agent or catalyst to change, the IBI stands to gain in important organizational imperatives.

Activating a Strategy: What is the creative solution?

- IBI will launch of a differentiating, pioneering, fully integrated and collaborative virtual learning environment named the IBI Laboratories (IBI Labs), dedicated to positively impacting and improving the overall health, wellbeing, productivity and economics of individuals, businesses and communities alike.

- Constructed upon a comprehensive, strategic and operational plan, IBI Labs will compliment today’s commitment to impartial research and benchmarking, to a new level of shared discovery (research environment), experimentation (testing environment), education (learning environment) and expansion (growth environment).

- The laboratories themselves will operate under the model of a “home” concept, where diversity, inclusiveness and openness will lead a set of guiding principles in an effort to consider and create transformative pathways, programs, products or processes aimed at supporting the overall goal and mission of both the laboratory, as well as the goals of those who participate and contribute.

- The rooms (without doors) and work done within each will be based on a framework including open and inclusive participation, facilitated collaboration, individual and collective experimentation and transparent testing.