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IBI Twitter Chat

In creating a work environment that supports employee health, what should providers, employers, and policymakers consider doing differently and why?

Share your expertise on the relationship between the work environment and employee health during our Twitter Chat next month.

Join subject matter experts such as:

Bryon Bass, Senior Vice President, Sedgwick
Dr. Sepideh Modrek, Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University
Dr. David Rehkopf, Assistant Professor, Stanford University
Seth Serxner, Chief Health Officer and Senior Vice President, OptumHealth
Dr. Kristin Tugman, Senior Vice President, Prudential Financial

Take a look at some recommended reading before participating in the event on June 6th:

What’s a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is simply a group of people tweeting about the same topic using a specific hashtag (#workenvchat) that allows it to be followed on Twitter.

How Does It Work?

The way it works is that everyone taking part in the chat uses a certain keyword (called a hashtag) in all their tweets. We will use hashtag #workenvchat. Everyone taking part in the chat follows the conversation by following that hashtag.

We’ll pose questions for our guest experts to answer as well as take questions from those following the chat. We’ll begin the questions with Q1, Q2, etc. and will devote about 5 minutes per question, depending on participation.

Be sure to refresh your Twitter feed to view the most current #workenvchat tweets. Or, you can also use a Twitter chat tool (such as TweetChat or TweetDeck) to follow the conversation.

How Can You Participate?

1. Create your personal account on Twitter, if you haven’t already done so.

2. Enter the hashtag #workenvchat in the search field in the upper right corner of the Twitter page (it may appear as a magnifying glass icon if you’re on a mobile device).

3. Follow along as the conversation unfolds (both questions and comments).

4. Join the conversation by beginning your comment with the question’s corresponding number (e.g., when commenting on question Q1, begin your response with Q1). Remember that each Tweet can only contain a maximum of 140 characters.

5. End your comment with the hashtag #workenvchat so everyone participating will see it.

Still not clear or need help getting set up on Twitter? Email Gia Harris at [javascript protected email address].

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