Integrated Benefits Institute

Thomas Parry, Ph.D.

Dr. Thomas Parry is President Emeritus of the Integrated Benefits Institute.

Before co-founding IBI, he served 11 years as Research Director at the California Workers’ Compensation Institute. His research at CWCI encompassed a wide variety of topics in workers’ compensation, including medical treatment patterns, vocational rehabilitation costs and effectiveness, legal costs and trends, medical utilization, mental stress claims, and physical therapy patterns of care. While at CWCI, Parry was engaged in some of the earliest research and analysis on 24-hour coverage and integrated benefits.

Parry speaks on integrated benefits and health and productivity issues at conferences and symposia in the United States and internationally. He served for five years as research advisor to the Roadway Express Inc. Medical Board. Parry received his bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California, Berkeley.